The Martin Case Isn’t About Race Relations; It’s About Civility


George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin

I dont typically like to get caught up in sensationalized, overblown media coverage and hype, however it was nearly impossible not to see or hear something about the case. I was struck by a couple of very interesting items beyond the drama, heartache and the appalling verdict.
Notwithstanding the obvious racial divide between black people and anyone with lighter skin then theirs (not a dig, just my humble opinion gained from personal experience) I was shocked by how misread this entire situation seemed to be. The first juror to speak out after the trial echoed what I had been thinking all along. Both George Zimmerman and Treyvon Marting (RIP Treyvon) exercised extremely bad judgement on that fateful evening. I dont believe it was a completely biased call on Zimmermans part. I believe he was overzealous as some people may be if their homes and properties have been subject to crimes. Zimmermans ass should have never risen from his seat. Im sure Treyvon knew what kind of attention he would attract as a young black male in america dressed like a hood rat. His parents should have known also. If you are going to hold yourself out to the world in a certain way, chances are you will be percieved this way and attract all the good things that go along with the part he played. But at the end of the day, a very tragic day, George Zimmerman was the adult in this situation and he placed himself in harms way, got his ass kicked, and then killed a child. Whatever you may think of Treyvon is irrelevant. He was still a minor. Zimmerman should have never left his car and when he did get his ass kicked, he should have went home and licked his wounds.