Helpful hint for new CrossFit male athletes

Don’t make the said mistake of showing up for one of these workouts in your boxers or tidy Whiteys. Make sure you own at least one pair of compression shorts. Otherwise it’s going to feel as though you a junk has been on a wild and violent roller coaster ride. Trust me compression shorts are a lifesaver. Or at the very least a junk saver. I would hate to think what the low-level of Dave Smith would look like if not for compression shorts last night. Can I get an amen for compression shorts???


Milko Tokola

a little homework Crossfit style….

I have been managing a total of 3-4 workouts a week at crossfit.  Usually one of these days are performed at home.  My wife and I chat a little, usually she does the talking and I do a lot of nodding.  She is of course more proficient than I in matters of crossfit.  Anyway she and I usually come up with something good.  Today I thought she let me off the hook.  I begin thinking to myself “what did I do to deserve this little reprieve??”  Seems awful kind of her?? I then start with the whole self doubt thing “does she think I suck that bad??”  Anyway, she comes up with this little ditty I fondly call “The wife beater”–I know, I know not too politically correct–its just how i felt after this workout.

100 jump single unders

30 air squats

10 burpees

3 rounds for time

My time sucked–12.07 and boy did I suck wind

Like some crossfit workouts–they look real easy on the whiteboard, but after one round your thinking “Hollllly shiites and muslims, how in the mother fuzzle world am I gonna get through this shizzle??”  Kicked my ass! 

The Spartans say that any army my win while it still has its legs under it; the real test comes when all strength is fled and the men must produce victory on will alone.’

Spartan wisdom

Hollow Rocks


Want to shred up those abs but tired of doing sit ups and crunches?

Good. Cuz everyone is tired of watching you on that fucking pointless AB machine. Time to step your game up.

Start with finding your hollow position. Hollow rocks are, in my opinion, the best core burners you can find.

Do 100 Hollow Rocks for time. Use the timer on your phone. Do it every day this month and try to beat yourself by a few seconds every time.

No fucking idea what a hollow rock is? Peep this video. You might laugh and say those are too easy…. Let me know how you feel after 100 !!!

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